Monday, September 9, 2013

My love for helping models

Today is Monday and it started with the usual thoughts..hoping that I am aligned with the Universal thought and I am expressing myself in that way...

I love to help models,  its in my blood.  It is rewarding when they actually look me up and send an email saying nice things like -  I am so grateful that you are taking the time to help me.  When someone does that it warms my heart and I get so happy that someone took the time to learn about me and my accomplishments..

When I was starting out a lot of people helped me so I try to give back and do the same they did for me..I have started many wonderful people. I never did it for the money but for the satisfaction.  I knew what I knew was right from starting movie stars to supermodels to fashion photographers and designers ..and many others that I have no idea how I touched them.  

The other day I got a call from California and it was a kid that I had helped and gave confidence to. He called to tell me that he was a major recording star now and that I had been instrumental in him believing in himself... Well talk about karma, I really needed that. It had been over 2o years since I had seen him and he found me and wanted to tell me thank you. Before that call I was in total despair about my future. Then today a young model asked for my advice and a great young man also asked me to manage all its good..

I suppose I better think of the mismanagement fees that I never thought of before since the Models Brotherhood that I am hoping to start will need money to get going..Peace

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